IJHAC: A Journal of Digital Humanities

 “Linked Open Data in the Arts and Humanities” 

Call for papers-March 2022 special issue 

 Building machine-readable data and making it available on the internet has long been a goal of digital humanities researchers. In 2006, Tim Berners-Lee along with many other internet scholars advised that those practices tended to perpetuate information silos rather than the open, available and reusable data that was the ultimate goal of linked open data (LOD). In the Arts and Humanities, this tension between publishing research results in silos, particularly where the underlying research data is never shared, and the desire for open, reusable data remains. Digital humanities scholars have identified this tension, have discussed pros and cons of an open data approach, have implemented research projects based on standards, and have advanced the application of LOD in their disciplinary fields and in collaboration with an ever wider community. Recent conferences and publications regarding LOD and the Digital Humanities have focused on Archaeology, Classics, Geography, History, Library and Information Science, or Linguistics; with this call for papers we invite also other areas or disciplines like Anthropology, Art History, Cultural Heritage, Musicology, among others, to contribute to the debate on the utility and application of linked open data. 

We seek to highlight collaboration amongst a global, diverse and open network of researchers, scholars, cultural heritage professionals, GLAM stakeholders, and other practitioners, focusing on a shared interest in Linked Open Data applied to Arts and Humanities. We are seeking submissions related, but not limited, to the following topics: 

● Development of infrastructures and LOD implementation 

● Methods, standards, and best practices 

● New data models and new resources in the LOD ecosystem 

● Issues raised in the development of online open materials 

● Pros and cons of open access to LOD datasets and tools 

● Interoperable datasets that cross the disciplinary boundaries 

● Theoretical approaches to LOD, Semantic Web, and Ontologies 

● Exemplar case studies of LOD in the digital humanities 

● Visibility and reuse issues of LOD ecosystems 

● Sustainability of digital humanities projects that adopt LOD 

Deadline for submissions: July 5th, 2021 

Please see submission guidelines: https://www.euppublishing.com/page/ijhac/submissions 

Submissions should be sent to: ijhac@fcsh.unl.pt 

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